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✅ WHY IT WORKS SO PERFECTLY? Metallic Epoxy UVR system by SINDEC 🥇Best Priced per M2 at 2kg

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

CONTACT US HERE FOR A FREE QUOTATION Remember, the Metallic Epoxy UVR System is comprised of 2KG per m2, that's more product giving you a 2mm thick floor (2mm thickness is the minimum recommended for an Epoxy floor by Professional Standards) not just a paint job as you may find elsewhere, anything below 2mm is considered a simple coating and not a floor!

Always look at your coverage! The reason the system is at 2kg per m2 is because it WORKS PERFECTLY! Tried and tested by UK and EU applicators, enduring the test of time. We have had zero jobs over the years coming back with cracks or peeling. If you supply and install quality you will get exactly what you pay for! CONTACT US HERE FOR A FREE QUOTATION

Take into account that Surface Preparation is the most important thing when installing an Epoxy floor, but let me break down how our Metallic Epoxy UVR system works and why its 3 Layers plus top coat is the perfect solution:

Primer @300g/m2: Seals the surface and creates the perfect key to work on, ensuring bonding takes place throughout your surface, this can be sanded to remove imperfections, very important to note, what happens if you have over 4% humidity or have green concrete? Or if you are working with different types of surfaces? This step is crucial we supply and use other primers to fully adapt to your working environment and prepare you floor for any situation making sure it will bond every time!

Base @500-600g/2: Imperfections are further reduced by applying this coating layer, rectifying errors and giving you the smoothest possible surface to design on.

Design @1kg/2: By using this amount you will get a better design as the epoxy will flow much better and create deeper effects, the Epoxy is UV Resistant and will therefore retain lighter colours for longer without turning amber as fast as others. The layers will provide a stronger and higher performing floor than most. Oh! The Epoxy also has a bubble release formulation that helps leave your surface seamless every time, no need for torching and burning your resin, saving you time and lungs! It reduces the chance for imperfections.. yes, this was all formulated by out chemist lab team with experience of over 40 years in the industry.

Top Coat Sealer @200g/m2: this layer is always encouraged to protect your floor and give it a longer lasting shine/matt look and higher scratch and abrasion resistance compared to an exposed Epoxy floor.

Remember, every single epoxy floor looks fantastic when freshly laid out, the colours always pop, there's always that WOW factor, but what happens over time? Will it endure? Will it crack? Will it withstand foot traffic? Will it amber when quickly? Will it withstand machinery, furniture, heavy loads? Is the Epoxy 100% solid? The Metallic Epoxy UVR System meets these requirements with flying colours so you can have peace of mind when using SINDEC products! All you gotta do is apply it at the highest standards and won't ever be coming back to clients for repairs.

Note: Epoxy is a type of aromatic resin, therefore, all epoxies, when exposed to UV Rays (sunlight, house lights, screen light) will naturally discolour or amber in colour, however, our Metallic Epoxy UVR system has a high resistance to UV light by its formulation and will extend the longevity of lighter coloured floors. CONTACT US HERE FOR A FREE QUOTATION

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