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Metallic Powder Pigment
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Product Details
EAN: 7141258322582
Brand: Sindec

METALLIC POWDER PIGMENT Natural Mica pigments composed of bright and vivid colours with soft texture and very versatile.

Ideal for use in Epoxy Resin and other coating resins, Can also be used for cosmetic Nail Art and use with other acrylic products

Perfect for creative projects from artwork to large area coatings.

Fast Delivery UK

TDS & MSDS Available for download upon purchase.

1 - Test Pigment on work area prior to application as dark or bright surfaces will bring different results
2 - Optimal dissolving time of 48hrs prior to application on Floors and Coatings

If product is Out of Stock, please contact us directly on +44 203 940 4560 or to make a direct order for your requirements.

Note: Images and Colours act only as an indicator of final results and product should always be applied in a small sample space before proceeding with complete application by your applicator/installer.

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