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This practical course delivers the opportunity to receive the most technically complete information on multiple Epoxy and Resin Systems as well as hands on experience in your own personal work bay with 1 on 1 training. We have 10 bays where you can practice everything you need in order to design a Metallic Epoxy Floor, Create wonderful Countertop coatings and provide a fantastic anti-slip flake system for your future clients.


Upon completion, you will benefit from a lifetime 30% off all our floor coating products and pigments, in addition, we provide aftercare support to all our trainees with technical help in your projects over the phone or with on-site visits upon request. We provide all products, tools and equipment on the day along with lunch and drinks, you just focus on learning and applying the systems.


Jofa Resin's aim is to maintain the industry standard at the highest of levels and for this reason we have divided the course into 3 days packed with practical information, pro tips and full on experience from our seasoned technical directors. This is what the training will cover:


  • Health & Safety (Chemicals)

  • Discussion on Epoxy & Resin Materials

  • Floor Preparation

  • Crack Repairing

  • Surface Priming

  • Tools and Equipment


  • Epoxy Base Coat Application

  • Epoxy Coving Application

  • Countertop Prep & Priming

  • How To Quote a Project

  • Metallic Epoxy Design Coat Application


  • Countertop Design with HV Epoxy

  • Polyurea Flake System Prep & Application

  • WB Top Coat Application (Matt, Gloss or Satin)


Our commitment is to supply the industry’s best coating products and highest customer service, we take pride in being a reliable company you count on and for this reason we take no shortcuts in your training and aftercare, we are here for the long run.


Black Water


Epoxy Resin PRO Training FAQ

What does the Training Cover?

JOFA RESINS is here to get you started with professional, practical training, if you are looking for a career change and enjoy being hands on, the epoxy coating industry is ideal for you. Whether you are new to epoxy or have limited experience we offer a training class to become certified in epoxy coatings, epoxy countertops and decorative flooring. During the course, all aspects of epoxy floor coatings & decorative floor finishes will be covered; from surface preparation, testing, cove base fabrications and installation of vinyl flake/chip flooring systems, quartz, metallic and the growing in popularity, glitter floor systems. The Two Day EPOXY training Course is in-depth with theoretical and practical knowledge to get you started, allowing you to use the products and equipment that you’ll be deploying out in the field.Our training is very comprehensive and is delivered by knowledgeable trainers with leading industry experience

Will I be able to get any jobs afterwards?

Yes! This market is growing exponentially, and having this skillset plus the support we offer you upon completion is key in competing and delivering top quality work!

With epoxy becoming such a trend now, there is high demand, and we refer jobs onto you, the more jobs you complete to the highest standard which is our standard will mean more work for you.

What kind of EXCLUSIVE BENEFITS will I receive from it?

Apart from the experience and technical knowledge of taking the course. You will be entitled to a lifetime discount of 30%OFF the RRP Price on all Epoxys, Resins and Pigments at your convenience.

In addition, you will become a fully traned partner and receive installations offers from our clients.


• Health & Safety (PPE) • Estimating: Determine and Understand Project Duration covering everything from floor preparation right through to the finish product. (Prep, Repair, Primer, Base, Decorative, Topcoats) Our aim on the first day is to give you a thorough insight to floor preparation “Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail” FLOOR PREPARATION: • Compression strength test • Site Assessment • Surface Preparation • Moisture Testing • Epoxy Equipment & Supplies • Machinery Options / Grinding /Vacuum’s used in Prep / Hand Grinders etc • Testing and Repair (Crack repair filler / Thixo+Sand) • Working Times • Surface Cleaning STARTING THE INSTALLATION PROCESS: • Setting up Your Mixing Station/Housekeeping!!! • Priming/Humidity Primers • Base Coat (mixing ratios) • Decorative Coat (mixing ratios) • Flake • Quartz • Solid Colours • Metallics • Glitter (Volume creates effects) • Chemicals (Xylene, Denatured Alcohol) • Design your own sample board – colour selection • Cleaning your tools


RESIN FLOORING • Designer Epoxy Flooring (design your own space-team activity) • Special Effects • Understanding Curing times • Top coating sealants offering high scratch resistance (Matt, Satin, Gloss) • Difference between polyurethanes & epoxies (curing times) • Materials Calculator and Costing • Trouble shooting and prevention We will cover the following systems, so you are never limited to one job • Decorative Epoxy Coat • Broadcast Anti-slip Flake System • Broadcast Anti-slip Quartz System • 3D Flooring We go through all steps just like on the job site including testing and repairs. We will use avariety of products so you can feel comfortable when the time comes to use it in the field.Everything we will do is interactive and hands-on. Each day we move towards completing mini projects so on the last day you will see completed projects and leave with samples inhand.Prep work and product application will be done simultaneously with the teaching.*Students are encouraged to use grinder/tools and apply product from beginning to end. Once you have completed the course our team will be available for aftercare and support tohelp you with initial jobs should you need it, in addition once you are certified and completed, you will be a certified installer and benefit from 30% Off RRP of our resin products. Further Course Information: Please arrive for 8:45am for coffee – 9am start, finish time 5pm *We offer group discounts upon request. ** Snacks and Lunch Included ***All courses require a £100 non-refundable deposit.