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Are you a resin coating applicator or interior decorator?

Learn to work with a UK product manufacturer today!

What is the Applicator Programme?

Get access to the best prices, clients, quotations and marketing solutions, all in one place, you just worry on delivering the best job possible!

We've decided to improve the service given to our clients and for this reason we are building a network of trusted and reliable applicators in the UK and across Europe.

Unlike most companies in the UK, we do not do installation jobs but rather pass on jobs directly to you the installer, thus, not being a competitor but a provider of the best products and services in the industry


13 Reasons to Join
the Applicator Programme

1. Pass on Jobs To You the Applicator 100% with no hidden fees


2. Become an Approved Installer

and receive our official Seal

3. Take advantage from working with a Manufacturer and NOT a Reseller

4. VIP Technical Support Every Time


5. Next Day Delivery Directly to your Job Site


6. Promote your Business in our Website and Social Media Platforms


7. Feature our Trusted Brand within your Business


8. Use only the Highest Quality Products at the Best value in Price


9. Receive further discounts to already unbeatable prices


10. Receive updates on new game changing products & training courses


11. Full Confidentiality between Clients and Applicators


12. You can connect with a network of reliable applicators all over the UK & Europe

13. It's FREE! What are you waiting for? Don't Sleep on it!


To qualify for the Applicator Programme by Jofa Resins, please complete this form and one our our team members will be in touch with you as soon as possible.
Select your service areas

Thanks for submitting!

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