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Jofa Resins Ltd are a UK manufacturer of resin products, specialising in Epoxy Resin Flooring Products covering an entire range of industry leading products and supplying products such as: Epoxy - Polyurethane - Polyurea - Polyaspartic - AntiBacterial Resins - Polyurethane Cement Mortars - Top Coats Finishes - Primers - Additives & Solvents - Decorative Paints - Pure Metal Coatings.


In addition to being official distributors of game changing products from ATRIA, we introduced TITANIUM ROCK RESIN into the UK market; the most reliable polyurethane cement rock resin with a microcement finish and none of its microcement frailties, truly an upgrade to microcement.


Jofa Resins has been established to eradicate mediocre product supply and low industry standards in the UK Epoxy & Resins market, we take nothing less other than perfection in our products and applications. With great technical ability and a hardworking ethic we are happy to be a team you can count on! 

Our focus is to supply only the highest performance resins to the diverse demands of the entire Surface Coating Market and provide legendary customer service to ensure every job sets the highest standards for the UK industry in Surface Preparation, Product Application and Maintenance & Aftercare. In addition to formulating special Resins we have worldwide trusted Partners who provide us with Solutions for every Industry Sector

Our Coatings, Floor Paints and Floor Repair products are suitable for all large industrial applications, commercial environments and residential use. Jofa Resins only offers products that are guaranteed to meet any specific demand required and will never let down.


Jofa Resins are Innovators in sectors such as Metallic Floors for Showrooms and Commercial Offices, and have over many years developed a Range of Ultra-Fast Polyaspartic resins to minimise the “down-time”of the application. We believe we have NO EQUAL in Polyaspartic Resins and Metallic Floors.

We are always Here At Every Stage – from the original Specification to the final inspection, our Team can help you at every stage of the installation, including on-site inspection where required. For these reasons we are proud to be the UK's most reliable supplier.

Unique Training Academy - Jofa Resins are so unique in the Industry that we have our own dedicated Pro Training Academy near Harlow where we run courses throughout the year; you can Book Here. We only recommend Flooring Contractors who we have fully trained. You will have peace of mind when you work with the team at Jofa Resins and all the Nationwide Approved Contractors.

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